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An ancient style to taste the charm of the "free heel"

Telemark lessons in San Vigilio di Marebbe

Telemark sport was invented in Norway in the middle of the 19th century and represents the beginning of skiing as a sport. Before this invention, it was very difficult for a skier to bend and stop. The equipment and materials of the past limited skiing to simple movements. Telemark, in contrast, already allowed simple changes of direction and speed.

Nowadays, telemark is experiencing a small renaissance thanks to the feeling of the heel, which is completely free and simulates the most common human movement that we all know: walking. This is why Telemark is also known as "free heel skiing". The Telemark School in San Vigilio di Marebbe is equipped with teachers who are specialized in that and who can teach you the basic techniques in an immediate and successful way.

Telemark is the oldest of the contemporary sports and transmits intense sensations, pleasant feelings and above all a strong feeling of freedom. During our private Telemark lessons, you will learn the proper knowledge to get to know the best combination of physical activity and enjoyment, both in the beginner and advanced phase. Of course with thanks to our ski instructors, but also thanks to the wide variety of slopes offered by Kronplatz especially for Telemarkers.

Period hourly price Additional person
30.11.2019 – 20.12.201945 €15 €
21.12.2019 – 06.01.202050 €15 €
07.01.2020 – 08.02.202045 €15 €
09.02.2020 – 14.03.202050 €15 €
15.03.2020 – 19.04.202045 €15 €